5 Reasons to Celebrate A Dozen Years of Pre-K Success in North Texas

RARE Learning in Plano, Frisco, Grapevine, Valley Ranch, Las Colinas, and McKinney

Saba Nanjiani,

President and Founder

With the classes restarting in 2016 after the holidays, RARE Learningsettled into its 13th calendar year of offering pre-K and early learning classes modeled on day-out and summer programs, which cater to families desiring a strong Reading, Math and Science foundation for their preschoolers. It is always valuable at each milestone for a program like ours to assess what has worked over the last twelve years so we stay true to the essence of what has made us valuable to our parents and students. Here are the five key reasons for the program in our assessment, which has made us different.

1. Personalized Curriculum

The long-term success of our Pre-K programs year round and during summer is a result of a desire on part of parents to seek a more purposeful and personalized curriculum during the early years of their child’s education than traditionally curricula available elsewhere. A personalized curriculum ensures that lessons plan map to each child’s strengths and needs.

2. Specialized to Teach

The RARE Pre-K being about three hours a few times a week is not expected by parents to offer lunch, nap-time, and other housekeeping items other pre-k programs with longer hours are expected to deliver. The structure therefore allows our instructors to be singular in their focus on academic enrichment. By focusing on delivering immense educational value for a fraction of a regular Pre-K program, RARE stands out in its success with the learning component. And since stay-at-home moms say that they are fine with addressing nap and lunch needs at home on their own; they choose to measure the value that RARE Pre-K programs deliver in the emphasis placed on Reading, Math and Science.

3. One-on-one time

Interest on part of parents to sign up their child to our pre-k curriculum across North Texas is the commitment of RARE instructors to one-on-one time with each child every time they show up to class. By focusing on arousing curiosity, building confidence, and generating engagement in a child’s learning, RARE Learning instructors have delivered consistent academic success to students year after year.Individual attention to each student’s personalized lesson plan is what makesacademic progress easy to track for each child.

4. Reinforcing Concepts with a Methodology

The delivery of curriculum is further enhanced through a unique methodology of learning modality rotation (LMR) to hold a child’s attention span during instruction. The approachensures that the one-on-one time that the instructor spends with each child is supplemented with technology tools and games to allow for reinforcement of concepts without the feeling of repetition and boredom setting in for the student. That’s what ensures that children keep coming back to the class engaged and excited each time – looking forward to embracing the learning experience rather than dreading it.

5. Daily Progress Updates

From years of feedback and conversations, moms indicate that they get to see each dayhow RARE Learning Pre-K program makes a differencein their children’s academic progress. Parentsappreciatereceiving their child’s work at the end of each class to be certain that something of value was accomplished everyday.

With more than a dozen years of experience having delivered Pre-K classes to thousands of students, we can safely say that the sustained interest in our program is reflective of the increased importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curricula in academics overall. However, it takes a unique instructional approach to deliver meaningful success with STEM content in early childhood education.

Today’s parents expect more in terms of academic achievement and performance from education providersbecause they expect that their child will be in a competitive academic environment in the future. So a sense of familiarity and favorable pre-disposition in early years on part of students toward Reading, Math and Science, in the opinion of parents, could only serve as a positive influence in subsequent academic years.

For more information about the Pre-K offerings in the North Texas area, please contact me at 972-567-1771 or email info@rarelearning.com – also visit us at www.rarelearning.com


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