Parent Involvement

The RARE Program is built on the premise that one-on-one coaching or mentoring is the best way to ensure that children benefit from technology tools for learning. Parents can play a remarkable role in spending time with their kids, even if its 20 minutes a day, in guiding the child’s use of the internet, learning software, or educational video.

When a parent makes sense of the material for the child, learning is more effective. In terms of relevance, parents can ensure that they take the learning concepts form the educational tools and translate those into the child’s environment for them to understand and appreciate the meaning of their world.

The RARE Learning, Inc. Program ensures that parents that enroll their children into the program receive progress reports periodically to track their child’s learning. Whether as an Early Learners’ Day Out Program, or as a Summer Program, the program offers communication of the child’s weekly and monthly accomplishment by discipline areas. The progress report will measure the child against his or her own past achievements.

As a parent, you may write to us at RARE Learning, Inc. ( to gather more information about our program and how to implement the program for your child at home.

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“Your teachers are wonderful.”
-Barb, Coppell, TX (Parent of a 5 yr old)

“My three year old is doing great... learning a lot.”
-Ritu, Las Colinas, TX(Parent of a 3 yr old)