Expand your child’s mind this summer.. The Fun Way!

Summer learning programs have proven to be of great importance for kids. There are many programs that enhance a child’s creative and social skills. Students are usually bored with school and sometimes, by chance, they discover that one particular skill that they are passionate about. Summer break is a perfect opportunity for kids to learn something that never made it into their standard school syllabus.

RARE Learning offers effective programs that set clear learning goals and avoids teaching kids in a traditional, institutionalized way. Courses are designed to boost creative skills, teamwork and freedom of expression in younger ages.

Social and Emotional Benefits:

Summer programs give kids an avenue to interact with other kids. It gives them an opportunity to socialize with kids other than their usual circle of friends and create things together. Kids become more social and learn how to work together in teams, appreciating each other’s work. Developing this mindset in children from a younger age will have a positive impact on them as they progress in their academic and professional lives. Kids are also able to express their feelings in the things that they create, which under normal circumstances they may not have the words to express.

Boosting Creativity:

Give a child materials and equipment to work with, and watch how they use these with their own imagination to create different things. An adult’s perception on things is very different from a child’s perception. Sometimes a child will see a particular object in a completely different way from what we perceive. Encouraging kids to express themselves at a younger age will boost their self confidence and will motivate them to experiment and learn.

Intellectual Benefits:

There is great deal of concentration involved in learning a particular skill. Many activities require a child to have basic concepts of math and science to further develop their creative thinking process. These include sizes and shapes, measuring, effects of light etc. As children learn different skills they strengthen their knowledge and adapt their academic learning into a particular skill. For example, they combine their mathematical knowledge of shapes and sizes and their science knowledge of lighting to create a digital photograph.


The learning experience should be fun for kids so that they do not feel like they are back in their classrooms during the summer break. RARE Learning provides fun programs for kids and is pleased to announce that its digital photography workshop will begin from this summer at the McKinney Community Center, Texas. The digital photography workshop is also offered at other cities i.e. Grapevine, Plano, and Allen. Students who engaged in this program have developed a passionate interest in photography and creation of visual imagery. Parents are often surprised at how well their kids take to these activities, much to their delight and amazement.

The digital photography workshop is a five day program for students between the ages of 9 to 15 years. It focuses on the theory that students with personal guidance and instructions will bring about their own unique perception and insight into the photograph that they create. Students will be exposed to composition, abstract photography, portraits, special-effects and still life with special emphasis on “lighting” which is a critical component of photography.

Students are encouraged to bring their own personal point-and-shoot type digital cameras to the class. However, the class is led by the instructor who uses a SLR digital camera. Lighting, materials and a digital SLR camera is provided for the students to use, understand and adapt.

Digital photography classes will be held at McKinney Recreation Center in the months of June (5th to 9th), July (11th to 14th) and August (18th to 22nd) 2017.  For more information, visit the website filmmakingforfun.com


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