An Instructor’s View: RARE Learning Filmmaking Workshops

The Filmmaking class at RARE Learning is a five-day workshop for 9-14-year-old students on how to make a short movie. The duration of the course is 3 hours per day and the workshop runs for 5 days. Students are introduced to the basics of filmmaking i.e. camera angles, developing story lines, creating scripts, and completing a movie. Cydney Cox is one of our instructors who teach Filmmaking workshops at RARE Learning.

Here is what she had to say about the filmmaking course:

1. Most interesting & educational parts of the class

Per Cydney, most students are interested in holding and working with the camera, though some show more interest in acting and production. They are taught various camera angles for story creation and are given the opportunity to create stories by sharing ideas.

Cydney says that the third day of the session, which is the hands-on part of the course, is the most educational, as students are taught when to utilize various cinematic techniques. They are also taught scriptwriting, which encourages students to exercise their writing and thinking abilities.

2. Cydney’s memorable student accomplishment

Twelve-year-old Sherri (name replaced for student privacy), who attended the filmmaking course last year, was Cydney’s most memorable student. Students were given an outline of a high suspense story from which they had to write a script.  Sherri was a soft spoken, quiet kid. However, the ideas she developed from the outline and the script she wrote left Cydney amazed. It was so well written that it did not require any tweaking.  Cydney says she will always remember this 12-year old’s talent fondly.

3. Overall feedback from parents about the RARE Learning Filmmaking class

The feedback that Cydney has received from parents about RARE Learning’s filmmaking course has always been positive. Parents are happy overall. Cydney always manages to keep content of the script in line with academic policies and she also tries to give each child a chance to appear on screen.

At the end of the 5th day of the course, there is a post-production demonstration. Parents are invited for the screening so that they can see what their kids have achieved. There is also a discussion about the film and interactive feedback from the kids. Cydney enjoys teaching filmmaking at RARE Learning and highly recommends the course for pre-teens and teens during their summer break.


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