About Rare Learning,Inc

RARE is an acronym for Relevance, Action and Readiness in Education. Our philosophy is based on research that if children are curious about learning and develop the confidence that they know Math, Science and Reading early in life, their performance in later years will be more improved. We also believe that one of the key requirements for success in academics is a strong attention span.

Founder | Saba Nanjiani

The RARE Learning, Inc. Program was founded by Saba Nanijani. Recognising a need for increasing interest and curiosity in Math, Science and Reading, Saba identified a method to bring favorite cartoon characters and electronic media (such as computers) into the learning mix. The approach works well in improving a child’s performance and confidence. Besides imparting knowledge to children, the approach also provides learners with the skills to make learning their natural response to curiosity.

As the President and Founder of RARE Learning, Inc. Saba Nanijani possesses an MBA and MA. She completed her graduate studies from the Syracuse University on Syracuse, New York, in 1997. After working for corporations as a marketing professional for a number of years, Saba turned to teaching college. Her experience in teaching college courses and use of instructional technologies pointed her to ways of enhancing learning among children. With the evident need for improvement in Math, Science and Reading, Saba has developed an approach that integrates tolls of tomorrow to generate an interest in learning among children.

Key Features of the Program

The RARE program makes learning relevant through environments (board games, websites) that reflect a child’s personal interest (cartoon characters, animals, dinosaurs etc).
The RARE Program uses electronic media (CD, Internet) to work through problems to make learning action oriented.
The RARE program integrates readiness through mentoring and coaching to encourage time-on-task.

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