Summer Learning Programs

RareLearning is a program dedicated to helping kids become sharper and better students. Our target is to maintain a positive attitude toward learning which can be developed by an innovative learning style and a stellar group of instructors over the summer. We help our students reach their learning objectives while having fun.

Our learning program has had positive results and prevents the learning loss that occurs over the summer. By having an effective summer learning program, children are not behind when they return to school in the fall and in many cases perform better than students who missed learning opportunities over the summer. Studies conclude that students perform lower on tests at the end of summer than the beginning of summer for that reason. By actively taking advantage of learning programs, students can prevent learning regression and not fall behind.

Unlike many private summer learning programs, RARE Learning is affordable with classes offered all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. RARE Learning has the lowest instructor to student ratio to optimize the quality of learning. Summer learning is an effective way to ensure that your child has a head start in the classroom and in their future.


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