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Let’s Learn Together: Parent-Child Tag Team for Early Success

A new and unique ‘Moms and Tots’ preschool program at RARE Learning offers parents the opportunity to accompany their two-year-old to early childhood education classes. The program will be offered at the Mustang Park Recreation Center in Las Colinas locales of Irving during the summer and will be extend to the Cimarron Park Recreation Center… read more »

4 Reasons Why Math Matters for your Preschooler

Mathematics- like it or not, it’s all around us. From counting toys to calculating taxes, quantitative skills are needed and used in every walk of life from childhood till adulthood. The sooner your child starts developing and practicing these skills, the better their comfort level with academic success in years to come.  So when thinking… read more »

Pre-K Learning Mixed in with Summertime Fun

School’s out for the summer- but does learning ever take a break? As tempting as it can be to give in to the fun of long summer days filled with rest and relaxation, not providing children with enough intellectual stimulation can come at the cost of a significant slide in their academic performance. Simply put,… read more »

Learning How to Read – Phonics vs Whole Language

There has been a constant debate over the years over the methods used for teaching children how to read.  The two methods are phonics and whole language. Phonics is a method by which children are taught the sound of individual alphabets and how they can combine different sounds in order to form words. On the… read more »

An Engaging Change to the RARE Learning Photography Class

The photography class at RARE Learning is a 5 day course for 9-14 year olds. The course initially focused on students attending the classes and taking back with them what they learnt each day. Andrew Valentine is a photography and film camp instructor at RARE Learning (rarelearning.com) and he came up with an idea to… read more »

Kissing the Back to School Blues Goodbye!

The start of a new school year brings on a whole lot of new things; new friends, new school, new teachers, new schedules, new books and new learning experiences. For Pre-K kids, this can be quite overwhelming. While some kids may find the thought of going to school exciting, others may be a little nervous… read more »

A Teacher’s View on RARE Learning Pre-K Program

Nighat Peracha has been teaching Pre-K at RARE Learning for almost 5 years. In our chat with her, she offered some sound advice to parents who wish to enroll in the program. Here is some of what she had to say about the RARE Learning Pre-K program. 1. A child’s progression at RARE Pre-K The… read more »

An Instructor’s View: RARE Learning Filmmaking Workshops

The Filmmaking class at RARE Learning is a five-day workshop for 9-14-year-old students on how to make a short movie. The duration of the course is 3 hours per day and the workshop runs for 5 days. Students are introduced to the basics of filmmaking i.e. camera angles, developing story lines, creating scripts, and completing… read more »

Three Reasons Pre-K Matters

Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) programs are specifically designed to ensure that children are ready for kindergarten and will be succeeding at school by the time they enter the 3rd grade. Investing in high quality pre-K education, results in tremendous benefits for children and schools. Here are the 3 reasons Pre-K matters: Outperformance in school Research has shown… read more »

Summer Learning – Don’t Let Your Child Suffer From Learning Loss

Summer learning has been measured as a necessity for kids to manage the loss of learning during the summer break. There are many programs offered for kids that help them enhance their skills. Educational programs like RARE Learning have been offering filmmaking, reading, math, and science and digital photography programs for more than a decade. These… read more »