Technology based learning for our kids

Children are always learning through play and they are playing all the time.  There are many ways to help your child get ahead in learning but understanding what they consider fun may make the difference in your child’s success. Studies result in finding that guided interaction with technology can be beneficial and productive with the… read more »

Film Making Summer Classes in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area

Children appreciate the opportunity to express their creativity in different ways more than anyone. Having successful learning programs all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for almost 10 years, RARE Learning – Filmmaking is a course created to involve your child in the fascinating world of film making and digital photography. Film making has been a… read more »

Summer Learning Programs

RareLearning is a program dedicated to helping kids become sharper and better students. Our target is to maintain a positive attitude toward learning which can be developed by an innovative learning style and a stellar group of instructors over the summer. We help our students reach their learning objectives while having fun. Our learning program… read more »

The Rare Learning Experience

There is no better time to learn and establish correct habits than when one is young. During the formidable years of childhood, children discover interests and skills that they will be developing for the rest of their lives. At RARE Learning, we strive to provide an environment where children can gain the tools and understanding… read more »